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We Treat the Whole Person

We can help you in your health and healing journey with all types of orthopedic, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal issues with your tissues. We've highlighted a few below: 

Vestibular Dysfunction

The vestibular system is comprised of the brain, inner ear, vision & sensation, and they all work to maintain your body’s balance. If the system is damaged, the body’s balance is affected.

Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction (BBD)

Approximately 13 million Americans are incontinent; 85% of who are women. Bowel & bladder issues often come from nerve or muscle dysfunction and is highly treatable.

Coccyx (Tailbone)

Many of the pelvic floor muscles attach to the coccyx. When those muscles are tight the coccyx gets pulled forward and can cause pain. Working on    those muscles both    internally and externally    can help alleviate pain.

SI Joint Dysfunction

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can cause lower back, hip, and leg pain. Causes of SI joint dysfunction include hypermobility, pregnancy, injury, and arthritis.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo


BPPV happens when the crystals of the inner ear break free and float into the canals. This can cause vertigo, nausea, and balance impairments. 

Hip & Low Back Pain

Having lower back pain is common. The pain can range in severity and affect your mobility as well as quality of life. 


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