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Men have pelvic floors too! Whether you are dealing with urinary incontinence after prostate surgery, pelvic pain from prostatitis, or erectile dysfunction; we are here to help!

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Anatomy of the Penis

You have a lot going on down there. There are plenty of places where pain and dysfunction can occur.

You are not alone

  • 15% of men have chronic prostatitis 

  • 16% will experience pelvic pain

  • 34% will have urinary incontinence

  • 52% will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lifetime 

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Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes for erectile dysfunction including muscle weakness and nerve impingement. Pelvic PT can help improve nerve flow to the genitals through myofascial release and functional dry needling.

We are here to help!

Dr. Jazma Dobbins and her talented PTA, JP Fairel are committed to helping you find lasting relief for the issues with your tissues.

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