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Find Lasting Relief

Our team is committed to finding the underlying cause for the issue with your tissues. We believe in the multidisciplinary team approach and, with your permission, will collaborate with your healthcare team to aid you in your health and healing journey.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The professionals at Gadsden Pelvic Rehab are some of the most highly certified and credentialed practitioners in the field of pelvic health and physical therapy in the state of Alabama. We are dedicated to maintaining up to date evidence based practice and serve as an education site to advance the pelvic rehab community. 



Pelvic health physical therapy is uniquely poised to help people experiencing a multitude of prenatal, post partum, sexual dysfunction, bowel, and urinary symptoms through expert individualized care. Dr Jazma Dobbins is a designated expert in the field of pelvic health and the first physical therapist to bring these services to Gadsden and its surrounding communities. 

Gadsden Pelvic Rehab was established out of a need for direct patient education. We live in a culture that forces medical professionals to skirt around important topics such as pain with sex, erectile dysfunction, and LGBTQA+ issues. We are in the midst of an information revolution and Gadsden Pelvic Rehab wants to carry the flag!


500 S 5th St

Gadsden AL 35901

phone (256) 467-3057

fax 256-255-2184

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